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Stopping time...                                  ...one click at a time

Pets grow up faster than kids and sometimes we forget to capture those early memories. My dog makes me smile everyday and so do the photos of him when he was just a puppy!

I believe photographers should not take away from a wedding but add to the enjoyment of it. I am there to capture a special occasion and to help make it a fun and stress free day for everyone.

Photographing people on location has always been my favorite way  to capture an individuals personality and make for a more personal photo.

I have been a professional photographer for more than a decade. Stopping time with a click of the shutter is still an amazing thing to me. I LOVE MY JOB!



Photographing events such as concerts, dance recitals, parades and sports  has always been fun for me. Looking for that shot that no one else can see.

The very first photos I took were fine art type photos. I think it's where most photographers start. In the end i hope all my photos are considered "fine art".

Taking someones idea and hard work and trying to capture it in a way that pleases them and helps them in showing off their work is a rewarding part of my work.